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June 2018 Championship Show

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo

Agility Action

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo

March 2018 - Autumn coffee walk.  Held Sunday 18th March.

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo

February 2018 - Beginners and some of our members dogs

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   

St John's Visit

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo

Wangaratta Country Link Day

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo


Helen's 70th Birthday

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo


Our 2013 Jazz Festival Volunteers - thanks everyone!

Photo   Photo   Photo
Photo   Photo


Photos from our inaugural Rally O Trial in May 2013

Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo   Photo


Miscellaneous Photos

Di Costello   Di Costello   Photo   Photo   Tracking Workshop   Tracking Workshop   Tracking Workshop   Tracking Workshop   Tracking Workshop   Tia   Agility   Down   Heel    Exam   Retrieve   Scent   Tia Rosie    Shilo   Shilo   Tracking   Tracking

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